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O&O DiskImage Professional 18.5 Crack With Torrent

O&O DiskImage Crack

O&O DiskImage Professional 18.4.307 Crack is a robust and reliable disk imaging and backup software that offers users an all-in-one solution for data protection and fast disaster recovery. With an easy-to-use interface and advanced features, O&O DiskImage is designed for individuals and companies to allow them to create exact replicas of their hard drives and ensure that critical data, operating systems, and applications can be recovered in the event of a system or data failure. Users can create full system backups by taking snapshots of entire disks or individual partitions, creating point-in-time copies of their systems. The software also allows for easy disk cloning, making it a great solution for system migrations or upgrading hardware backups.

Incremental and differential:

O&O DiskImage offers flexible backup options such as incremental and differential backups. Incremental backups only store changes since the last backup, minimizing space requirements and reducing backup time. Differential backups record the changes made since the first full backup, providing effective data protection and multiple recovery options tailored to the user’s specific needs

Bare Metal System Recovery from O&O DiskImage is essential in the event of a complete system failure. Users can create bootable media using the system image, enabling problem-free recovery even if the operating system is not accessible. This ensures business continuity and minimizes downtime, making it an essential tool for businesses that rely on the continuous operation of the system

File Backup and Restore:

With O&O DiskImage, users can back up individual files and folders, thus controlling the data restoration process in more detail. Users can easily restore specific files or directories from these backups to ensure access to critical data when needed. With a focus on data security, O&O DiskImage offers integrated encryption and compression. Users can encrypt their backups with strong encryption algorithms, ensuring that confidential information is protected even if the backup files fall into the wrong hands. In addition, compression techniques reduce the size of backup files, optimize storage space, and simplify backup management.

Key Features:

  • Disk Imaging: With O&O DiskImage, users can create exact copies (images) of entire hard disks or individual partitions and thus preserve the status of the entire system.
  • data Disk Cloning: With O&O DiskImage, users can clone entire disks or partitions for migration systems or to facilitate hardware upgrades.
  • Incremental backups: O&O DiskImage offers incremental backups that save only the changes made since the last backup.
  • Differential images: With O&O DiskImage, users can also create differential images that save the changes made from the first full image.
  • Scrap Metal Recovery: In the event of a system crash, O&O DiskImage allows users to create bootable media for easy recovery of the operating system, even if the operating system is not bootable.
  • File-level: O&O DiskImage offers a more granular approach to data protection by allowing users to back up individual files and folders.
  • Data encryption: O&O DiskImage emphasizes data security by encrypting data for backups. Storage space support.
  • Backup Scheduler: O&O DiskImage includes a backup scheduler that allows users to schedule backups at set intervals automatically.

What’s New?

  • Email Notifications: O&O DiskImage can send email notifications to inform users about the status of a backup job.
  • Disk and Partition Management: Disk and Partition Management software tools allow users to create, resize, and manage partitions.
  • Fast system recovery: O&O DiskImage ensures fast system recovery and minimizes downtime in the event of a system crash.
  • SSD support: O&O DiskImage is optimized for SSD for efficient backup and restore process environment.
  • Network Support: O&O DiskImage offers network support, allowing users to manage backups and restores over the web.
  • Backup Templates: O&O DiskImage provides custom backup templates for various scenarios, simplifying the backup setup process. Users can quickly configure backups according to their Needs.
  • Data Verification: The software ensures the integrity of the backup files by performing data verification after the backup process is complete.


Overall, O&O DiskImage is an effective and reliable imaging and backup solution that allows users to protect their valuable data, and systems, and protect applications effectively. Imaging and cloning functions, incremental and differential backups, hot backup options, and file-level backup, O&O DiskImage covers many user needs. The focus on data security through encryption, compression, and email alerts ensures that user data is protected from unauthorized access and loss. In addition, features such as VHD support, backup schedule, and disk and partition management increase the flexibility and convenience of your data protection strategy. Whether for private or professional use, O&O DiskImage is an indispensable tool for data protection and disaster recovery.

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