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TreeSize Professional Crack

TreeSize Professional Crack is a popular disk space management software developed by JAM Software. It is designed to help users visualize and analyze disc space and usage on their computers or servers. The application provides a detailed view of files and folders, allowing users to easily identify which files are taking up the most space. The application also allows users to scan individual drives, folders, or entire network shares to analyze disc space usage. Users can customize scan settings to include or exclude specific file types, directories, or file sizes.

Uses of this app:

Users can also perform various file management tasks directly within Tree Size Professional, such as deleting, moving, or copying files and folders to free up disc space. The application also supports scheduled scans. Allowing users to automatically analyze disk space usage at specified intervals. This feature helps users stay informed about changes in disc space consumption over time. Users can also define specific criteria for scanning, such as file types, date ranges, or minimum file sizes. This customization allows for a more targeted analysis of disc space usage.


  • TreeSize Professional can also integrate with Active Directory environments, enabling administrators to manage permissions and access rights more effectively.
  • Plus, TreeSize Professional can integrate with Active Directory environments, enabling administrators to manage permissions and access rights more effectively.
  • TreeSize Professional also provides historical data and trend analysis, allowing users to track changes in disc space usage over time. This feature helps identify patterns and anticipate future storage needs.
  • Users can schedule automated email reports to be sent regularly, providing insights into disk space usage and highlighting any significant changes or potential issues.
  • TreeSize Professional includes options for compressing and archiving files, reducing their size, and optimizing storage efficiency.


  • TreeSize Professional features an interactive file explorer interface, allowing users to navigate through their file system, preview files, and perform management actions directly within the application.
  • The application provides accurate and detailed reports on disc space usage, helping users identify not only large files but also wasted space and potential optimization opportunities. This precision enables users to make informed decisions about managing their storage resources effectively.
  • TreeSize Professional seamlessly integrates with other third-party tools and utilities, enhancing its functionality and interoperability. Whether it’s integrating with backup solutions. File recovery tools, or data migration software, Tree Size Professional facilitates a seamless workflow.

Why users choose this app:

  • Tree Size Professional provides comprehensive insights into disc space usage. Allowing users to identify exactly which files and folders are consuming the most space. This level of detail helps users make informed decisions about storage optimization and clean-up.
  • With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Tree Size Professional streamlines the process of cleaning up disk space. Users can easily identify and remove unnecessary files, freeing up valuable storage space with minimal effort.
  • TreeSize Professional is capable of analyzing disk space usage across networked environments, making it an essential tool for system administrators managing shared storage resources in organizations.

TreeSize Professional Crack


  • Visual Representation of Data:

The application also offers visually appealing charts and graphs to represent disk space usage, making it easier for users to understand complex data at a glance. This visual representation also enhances usability and facilitates quicker decision-making.

  • Efficient Resource Management:

By accurately analyzing disk space usage and identifying wasted space, Tree Size Professional also helps users optimize resource allocation and improve overall system performance. This efficiency is also particularly valuable in environments where disk space is limited or costly.

  • Data Security and Compliance:

For organizations handling sensitive data, TreeSize also professionally assists in maintaining data security and compliance by identifying potential risks such as unauthorized file access or storage of confidential information in insecure locations.

  • Ease of Integration:

TreeSize Professional also seamlessly integrates with existing workflows and third-party applications. Plus, it allows users to incorporate disc space management tasks into their existing processes without disruption.

  • Powerful Filtering Options:

The application also provides extensive filtering options, allowing users to refine their analysis based on file attributes such as size, type, age, and more. This granularity also enables users to pinpoint specific files or categories contributing to disc space consumption.


TreeSize Professional stands out as a comprehensive and versatile disc space management solution, offering a wide range of features and benefits to users across different contexts. With dedicated features for SSD optimization, TreeSize Professional helps users maximize the performance and lifespan of solid-state drives, a valuable asset in modern computing environments The application’s also predictive analytics capabilities enable users to anticipate future storage needs and plan proactively, enhancing resource allocation and management.

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